Sean Sims

Brighton based illustrator, Sean Sims. Stunning illustrations and surface pattern design. The colours, the character work…where to start – Please take a moment to visit him and his work here, and appreciate it. It deserves to be!Pod Alphabet 451883d2295084261c9ab52fcf4e15f9 00f2db6578dc11b63a7ce90e4d5d2ea7 Hobby Horse Sean self portrait one [Converted] 4fa7d18787459fbdd95522765dff5d31 ee8eb6fa1c0fb1abe6dc5fa886b9c051 Allotments Browns 6a7a8e546ab57caffe2b1f9e30f85634 5b3e78bc9cdf23ea40e9f06b22dc9803 9c1eda99cd177b493a8beb22e3468afe 4d9574b7937e82b44f8640c6d7f8f0ef a129dd201d3028726f142e85452ae979 ab64a61f592a590c28463413f0815689 8647bcc4b4399006cd1c5b59a3e69a68 55c8f29efdde2687cc4bad21bd114031 07e22e11f3ff16d9965beda79f3bf8cc d5da3cb7ae2df62517c598d30112de42 7f938451e6bca1802984e4f9e60dbfe6 500d2e8354e8272655361b291d96641b 62e8e971db3a16b9ea5713ffc7987da9 Green book

Get Your Bid On – Ebay Fabric Finds

A fellow Society Member alerted us to the vast collection of mid century textiles currently on Ebay. Here are but a few. Blimey. Get busy bidding!

Heals cotton barkcloth fabric ‘Armada’ by Nicola Wood
Fidelis interiors screen print fabric ‘ Pimpernel’ by Sigrid Quemby
Any Society members or guests know if this is Liberty?


Pat Albeck fabric roman blind


Lucienne Day Quarto Heals Atomic fabric


Ingela P Arrhenius

Stockholm based illustrator and surface pattern designer, Ingela P Arrhenius. The wealth of products showcasing her spectacular designs is overwhelming, selecting sample images of Society favourites proved too tough. Instead, all members and guests should look here. Once you start, it’s hard to stop

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Dick Bruna

Wow! The Society have consistently loved anything Miffy and adore Bruna’s children’s lit illustrations and character design but I am so pleased we stumbled on this fascinating article from whilst hunting down some of his Black Bears pocket series book art and alternative cover artworks. Fascinating! Well, a big thank you Dick Bruna, for taking more pleasure in drawing than in business, or we would never have the pleasure of gathering these treasuresretro_europe_thumb 122aee0b1658cac2e2824e76c8c16656 dick_bruna_zwartebeertjes9 4466407_624 dick_bruna_cookbook2 dick_bruna_zwartebeertjes4 7474330982_349eb4c7b3 ddcfbfd85fc821240f2c66d8bfcc0acd 0740b 7474593330_b375d6e6f1 Dick-Bruna-Asimov dick_bruna_havank3 dick_bruna_cookbook1 dick_bruna_zwartebeertjes_desaint1 $(KGrHqV,!n8E63WLpC6PBOzIB8yN+!~~60_35 dick_bruna_havank2 bruna-stilleverklikker images-1 Dick-Bruna-chez-loulou il_340x270.519984070_pm9s dick_bruna_8 images Dick-Bruna-de-Clercq