Lisa Congdon

We’ve been fans of Lisa’s work for a while now, so we are long overdue a post showcasing some of our favourites. Portland based Fine Artist and Illustrator, Lisa boasts MoMA, Martha Stewart Living, Chronicle Books and The Land of Nod among her many high profile clients. She also, somehow, finds time to write? We have heard many a good work spoken of her books, in particular ‘Art Inc: The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist‘, said to be a must-have bible for any budding commercial designer. Here are some of our favourites among her overflowing portfolio of stunning images. Particularly love her colourful little cities, that pattern work, and her lovely little line drawings which are just screaming to be coloured in, lucky for us we can, with these ‘grown up’ colouring books. Love it!CITY_web pinballwizard_congdon moonoverhillside_lowres sketchbook26_web poketo_web bandana_web sketchbook4_web Corral_congdon arches_drawing_lowres lisacongdon_town_lowres city-of-dreams chalet_web kvinne_web sketchbook6_web sketchbook23_web LisaCongdon_Triangles_Black-Gold_web ghostmountain_web

William Wondriska

Celebrating the works of William Wondriska. Here’s a little showcase of some images from his gorgeous books – ‘Puff‘, ‘A Long Piece of String‘, ‘The Sound of Things’ and ‘All By Myself’. Love how he combines traditional print making with photography, and the simplicity of his images and use of colour. We need some of these for our walls, too good for the bookshelf!

WON_allbymyself_int2 Wondriska_long_piece_string WW-2 suono_delle_cose_02-web long2 81ICUWyt+TL-1 suono_delle_cose_04-web William-Wondriska-03 KidsPuffRocketSmall 79151a46a8b1b6799547bc628201bd53 suono_delle_cose_043-web all_by_myself_detail_3_1
81VX5eDHC2L puff6 suono_delle_cose_023-web

Ettore Vitale

This morning, among others, we are very much appreciating the graphic style of Italian visual designer, Ettore Vitale. Works spanning book art, posters, exhibitions, logos, television, catalogues, packaging…why can’t we find more of his work online? What we see, we love. We have however discovered this book showcasing his work, definitely one for our wish list. Would love to see more. Here’s a snapshot8bd4e0ddbafe953d332f3d71a4d62381 ettorevitale_04_700_525 5294171230_a1c9c77173_b 4126b1fc95788c532aa58076b141184b graphis-posteritaettore-vitale 03b0351d4d03d46414208be023527b63 ettorevitale_05_700_525 31e9c0bba791da8c474aa9698309ec2d c992c1531e274b46dbb1510f20563102

Happy Birthday Miffy

The legend that is Miffy turns 60 today.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, from all at the Print Appreciation Society. We never tire of your pictures.

Let’s celebrate with a glance back at one from the archives, her creator Dick Bruna and some of his fabulous book art. Another legend!miffy-ballon-2-3

Patrick Hruby

We are envious of LA based illustrator, Patrick Hruby’s ability to create such detailed scenes using only the most basic geometric shapes. Love those colours against white. Make them perfect images for wall decals, and lucky for us, are available for sale here at Blik. Love them all! As well as decorate your walls, you can decorate your bookshelves with his gorgeous ABC Circus picture book here. Lovely!

Visit his site for a full gallery of his work

Slow-Trip forest_large2 PHSEAL_slide022 PHBEAR_full_01

Promo Pirate-Ship1 Parade-for-email House-of-Babayaga Night-and-Day castle_product11Picture+14-1 abc_circus_7_1024x1024 abc_circus_6_1024x1024 abc_circus_2_1024x1024

Osborne and Woods

This week’s Etsy discovery, OsbornWoods – little store selling original prints from 60s Nevada based print makers, David Osborn and Charles Woods. Sadly many that we had discovered, once for sale here, had already sold. There are still a few left, grab them before they’re gone. We’ve already purchased one of these before it even reached the Society site. Sorry. Had to be done!il_570xN.276371695 il_570xN.276457601 b8651c209fad23e8c6a8dd9f35684b4f il_570xN.276480598 il_570xN.276481827 12dc8da29cf9811efc4705b12027260e il_570xN.276479586 il_570xN.276369447 il_570xN.276469695 il_570xN.276559300 76a90f998efc6d290474adedd53dd4c1 il_570xN.276464469 il_570xN.276391675

Antonio Frasconi

What a legend – as inspired by comics as the he was the greats, he devoted a decade of his life and work to a series of woodcut portraits of those tortured and killed under a rightist military dictatorship in his home country, Uruguay. Lovely article from the NY Times paying tribute to this inspiring man. Here are a few of our favourites from his extensive collection of illustrations

6a00d8341c192953ef017d3f639ff0970c-800wi Sun_and_Snow_Spread lii03312 Frasconi_Self_Portrait-web See_Again_Family048 3939796027_cb9d353a07 1 antonio frasconi, see and say art.crazed FrasconiShout El-Pescador-aka-The-Fisherman-by-Antonio-Frasconi 6103165124480095 3939796253_7fe251db4e $(KGrHqJ,!hYF!sl)RwymBQcgwYpvmg~~60_3 ps_prn_610 BestiaryBestiario-poster-for-the-book-by-Pablo-Neruda-by-Antonio-Frasconi 3940575454_caae305550 $T2eC16V,!)QE9s3HFd1jBQ5JRwggLg~~60_57