Max Velthuijs

Dutch Illustrator and Author, Max Velthuijs. Fact for the day: Max Velthuijs assisted with forging stamps for the Dutch Resistance in identity papers of those in hiding during WW2. As well as painting these, just scannen0043 44d5de827c1f02dc463c205ab435b685 296469b7ac435e979be0a53ad1f16aad 6057a716fd06db3fda858ea4f74fc7af 40eb9adf078112f4e086472e6974ab5e 1152a046a64d358e0065e599acabaec2 scannen0042 c99e291b82735cf217642f2f40628472 72948ad75d08ca44f913dd43ef95f843 1439ead2e42439a4300ba8e2037287fb
5c0f2d093eecf954589715a7a874ea38 scannen0044lovely…

2 thoughts on “Max Velthuijs

  1. Oh such a lovely style of illustration, I also use collage as a way of working, I like to paint papers up using acrylic paint, and then use a scalpel and cut out directly from a picture 🙂 Lovely work.


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