Judy Kaufmann

Our mutual love of pattern mean we are easily drawn to Judy’s prints. Barcelona based Judy is all about repetition. That said, her character illustrations are pretty awesome and easily hold their own as seen in her little portraits. But if you are a fellow pattern enthusiast, this collection of Judy’s patterns showcased at hellopattern.com are too good not to be seen. How on earth she achieves some of these repeats is just mind boggling!MURO-MITTE-02 isa_760xN.4876473683_etxo FiguresII_2_o JUDY-PIC-PERFIL_o Forest_o isa_760xN.4860397850_kze7 il_570xN.299661472 il_570xN.391038859_4vu6 CURVESII_o Chaos_o il_570xN.685030803_av68 Colored-Triangle-I_o isa_760xN.4876472811_chgl Trianglesandcolors_o Forestandcolors_o Scrawl_o il_570xN.679384782_28s1 Glasses_o il_570xN.284507045 944a6-icon-prints-01 Calligraphy_o Cars_o il_570xN.237631350 f23bd-m-00 il_570xN.260657712 il_570xN.686164507_44at

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