Miroslav Sasek at The Bookroom Art Press

Forever a fan of Miroslav Sasek’s illustrations, today we discover they are available to purchase in print form for our walls. What a find! Loving purusing The Bookroom Art Press, we’ve long sought a shop where we could buy some of the pages of our favourite children’s litereature and finally we’ve found one. Many thanks The Bookroom Art Press, you’ve made our day. Check out their other featured Artists too, well worth a look!

Covent-Garden-Market1-594x600 Powell-Line1-600x322 Sailing-in-the-Jardin-du-Luxembourg1-600x425 Piccadilly-Circus1-492x600 Sausages1-556x600 TaxiŠ-600x435 Times-Square1 To-Victoria1-600x437 California-Line1-600x338 Night-Lights-of-Piccadilly-Circus1-600x543 The-Pincio-Gardens1 Horn-Player1-346x600 Fragrant-Harbour1-600x358 Here¹s-Looking-at-You-600x497 Des-Voeux-Road-West1-586x600 Pillar-Box1 Bird-watching1-600x388 WH-Smith1-590x600 Bistro1-472x600 Fleet-Street1-600x508 Covent-Garden-Market1-594x600-1 Kiosk-on-the-Seine1-600x351 Time-for-a-Pint1-600x550 Etoile1-600x443 The-Sunday-Papers1-600x454 Skating-in-Central-Park1-353x600 California-Street1-534x600 14th-St-Stubway1-600x440 The-Bird-Market1-600x501

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